Vestal Review is the oldest magazine of flash fiction, published continuously since 2000.

Ends on December 31, 2018
If you are a Vestal Review alumni, please submit your publishing news to us. Don't forget to include the links.
Ends on April 30, 2018
This fee-free category is for immigrants to the US only. An immigrant in our definition is a person who was born in a country other than the USA. Please state the country you came from to be eligible. Stories of 500 words or fewer. English only. Accepted stories get $25 and a print copy.
Ends on March 30, 2018
Vestal Review turns 18 this March. We will be able to vote.

To celebrate our 18th anniversary, we announce a fee-free 18x18x18 contest. 18 word stories with 18 characters titles and $18 prize. And you, our reader, will vote for the best entry among the five runner ups selected by our editorial team.
Ends on May 31, 2018
Please read the entire guidelines before submitting. No, really. Please do.

This fee-free category for stories under 500 words is ONLY for previous contributors to Vestal Review. Please identify yourself with the issue and the story title of your former contribution to Vestal Review. The special calls for submissions (e.g. 18x18x18 or Magic Mondays) and Short On Sugar authors are not eligible. Fiction form only. Please submit only once per reading period. The payment is still $25 and a print copy.

Do NOT submit here if you are not a previous contributor to Vestal Review.. 

Ends on December 31, 2018
Any author may submit a free flash fiction book ad (it could be either for a paper or e-book). A former contributor may submit any book ad as long as she/he is the author. Don't forget a link to the purchase information! Please limit the file size to 250 KB. Do not submit PDFs. Use this format as a guide:

The editors reserve the right to refuse any ad.
Ends on May 31, 2018$2.00
Please read the entire guidelines before submitting. No, really. Please do. It will help you, and it will help us.

Vestal Review publishes its print issues twice a year in a perfect-bound edition. 

We don't read new submissions in December, January, June and July. 

Vestal Review is a magazine for flash (short-shorts) fiction, 500 words or fewer.  Since our content is free and we pay our authors, we are forced to resort to submission charges after 16 years of fee-free publication.  Subsequently, we increased our honorarium to $25 flat.

We are responding much quicker now. If you don't get a reply in a couple of weeks or so, it means that your story gets multiple reads and has a better than average chance of acceptance.
Color art for the print and Web issues covers. Please submit portrait orientation only with the ratio of 1.5 or 1.6. Payment is one copy of the print issue.

Interior illustrations in B&W. No pay, just fame.