Vestal Review is the oldest magazine of flash fiction, published continuously since 2000.

We are looking for an illustrator and/or web designer to join our team. Please state your experience and the reason why you want this non-paying job. 

This is NOT a place to submit your stories.

20 Plus for 20 for 2020.   We will pay $20 extra dollars (for the total of $45) for each accepted story to celebrate our 20th anniversary in March of 2020.  

Please read the entire guidelines before submitting. No, really. Please do. It will help you, and it will help us.

Vestal Review publishes its print issues twice a year in a perfect-bound edition. We don't read new submissions in December, January, June and July. 

Vestal Review is a magazine for new flash (short-shorts) fiction, 500 words or fewer. We don't accept reprints. 

We love to hear new voices, especially from immigrants, but we don’t discriminate against anyone.

We love magic realism. High fantasy, science fiction, romance and kids stories? Not so much.

$2 fee. The honorarium is $25 plus a hard copy.  All stories from the print edition will appear on the Web as well. All payments will be made only through PayPal.  We consider only one story per submission, so if you submit more, we will read only the first one. Feel free to make multiple submissions, but only one at the time. We accept simultaneous submissions. 

Vestal Review