Vestal Review is the oldest magazine of flash fiction, published continuously since 2000.

We are looking for an illustrator and/or web designer to join our team. Please state your experience and the reason why you want this non-paying job. 

Please submit a feature such as a book review or an interview with an author or editor. It has to be flash fiction-related. 500 words max.

 This co-editors are Gillian Walker and Kevin White. 

Please submit a story under 1000 words ONLY if you are a first- and second- generation immigrant to the US or an immigrant to another country as long as your story has a link to America as specified in the submission guidelines. We will consider submissions mostly in English, but will also consider a few stories in Russian if accompanied by an authorized English translation. 

Though the theme presumes strife and discord, we are not looking specifically for anger or #resistance as defined by Twitter, or anti-Trump—unless, of course, they are germane to the story. As a matter of fact, we are more interested in stories of reconciliation than in fighting (we have more than enough of the latter). That said, the anthology will accept well-crafted stories of any political—or apolitical—orientation, and any emotional character, as long as they don’t call for violence and are respectful to other peoples’ feelings and identities. 

We will pay a token honorarium and a print copy of the anthology for any accepted story. The immigrants to countries other than the US will not get a print copy because of the cost of shipping. Sorry.

One submission per author.

Please begin your cover letter with a statement like that:

"I am a [first or second] generation immigrant to [the name of your new country]."

Without such statement your entry will be disqualified. Sorry.

It might sound obvious, but please read the instructions before submitting.

If you are a Vestal Review alumni, please submit your publishing news to us. Don't forget to include the links. Please limit your news to two.

Do not submit your fiction or any other writing here except the news.

Ends on July 30, 2019

This category is ONLY for the award nominations. If you submit your own story here, we will delete it unread. Please submit your own story through the form titled Fiction. 

Editors, please feel free to nominate one story under 500 words published by your magazine in print or online in 2018.   

Thanks to the generous donor, @MythicPicnic, the VERA award doubles the prize money for 2019, just in time for the 5th anniversary of the award and for the 19th anniversary of Vestal Review. This year, the winning selection receives a prize of $150 and publication in Vestal Review, the second prize gets $75 and publication, and the third place gets $25 and publication. All three will receive a print copy of the issue as well. There is no nomination fee. Only a publication editor is eligible to submit a nomination. One story per magazine, please. Please attach the nominated story AND provide the link to the original publication.

Please state your credentials, the name of the author and the date of the publication when nominating.  

The nomination process will close on July 30, 2019.

The final judge this year is  Katharine Weber. 

Katharine Weber is the author of six novels (most recent, Still Life With Monkey, 2018) and a memoir. She has served as the Richard L. Thomas Visiting Professor of  Creative Writing at Kenyon College for the past seven years. Before that, she was an adjunct associate professor of creative writing at Columbia University's School of the Arts (2006-2012), Kratz Writer in Residence at Goucher College (2006), a lecturer in fiction writing at Yale (1996-2003) and a visiting lecturer in fiction writing at Connecticut College.  An Editor at Large for Kenyon Review, she has served on the editorial board of the psychoanalytic journal American Imago and the board of the National Book Critics Circle, where she chaired three award committees. She has been a judge for a variety of literary awards, including the JG Farrell Award, the Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest, the Connecticut Book Award, the GLCA Nonfiction Award, the PEN/Albrand Award, and the Barnes & Noble Discover Award, and numerous undergraduate writing awards at various institutions. She is an associate fellow of Hopper College at Yale University. 



Color art for the print and Web issues covers. Please submit portrait orientation only with the ratio of 1.5 or 1.6. Payment is one copy of the print issue.

Interior illustrations in B&W for the print copy or color for the Website. No pay, just fame.

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