Ends on August 31, 2019

Please submit a story under 1000 words ONLY if you are a first- and second- generation immigrant to the US or an immigrant to another country as long as your story has a link to America as specified in the submission guidelines. We will consider submissions mostly in English, but will also consider a few stories in Russian if accompanied by an authorized English translation. 

Though the theme presumes strife and discord, we are not looking specifically for anger or #resistance as defined by Twitter, or anti-Trump—unless, of course, they are germane to the story. As a matter of fact, we are more interested in stories of reconciliation than in fighting (we have more than enough of the latter). That said, the anthology will accept well-crafted stories of any political—or apolitical—orientation, and any emotional character, as long as they don’t call for violence and are respectful to other peoples’ feelings and identities. 

We will pay a token honorarium and a print copy of the anthology for any accepted story. The immigrants to countries other than the US will not get a print copy because of the cost of shipping. Sorry.

One submission per author.

Please begin your cover letter with a statement like that:

"I am a [first or second] generation immigrant to [the name of your new country]."

Without such statement your entry will be disqualified. Sorry.